Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Closed: The South

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On the eve of Fall, we watched the leave turn as we whipped through Southern Virginia on our way to Tennessee. Since we've been on the road there has been a gradual turning of the leaves.

In Tennesse we stopped in Sevierville on our way to Pigeon Forge. Sevierville's claim to fame is Dolly Parton. They even have a statue of her in front of the courthouse.

This one however doesn't reflect the current face-lifted and wigged Dolly, but a younger version. It's just off Dolly Parton Parkway downtown.

There's a wedding chapel across the street for those so inclined to get hitched while Dolly watches. Dollywood Amusement Park is in nearby Pigeon Forge.

The park was closed today, but we at least know Dolly appreciated our visit.

The closest we came to the. Country music legend was our run in with her at a Western wear outlet. Ken got her to pose for this photo... She seemed a little stiff.

We drove past Knoxville hoping to see the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.
It flooded in May, along with with a number of other building around it.

The Opryland Hotel had $180 Million Dollars in Damage. The Opry had 46 inches of water on the stage. It will still be months before the Hotel reopens, the Opry reopens next Tuesday.

The whole area is off limits, the best we could do to see it was to snap a photo as we drove by on the freeway.

But all was not lost. Fortunately for us, the Willie Nelson and Cooter Museums are still open. We shopped at Willie's and took a quick tour of Cooter's homage to all things "Dukes of Hazzard."

Ron was not impressed, Ken saw a couple of things he wanted to take home.

Traffic leaving Nashville was a real bear. It joins the list of the few cities we've encountered gridlock (Cleveland and New York were the others). The setting sun pointed the way home, just a few thousand miles away.

Before we get there we'll be making a visit to the former home of a "King."

Location:Showcase Blvd,Memphis,United States

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