Thursday, September 23, 2010

Route 66ish

A windy, then wet morning made for an uninspiring drive as we made our way out of the shopping cart state called Oklahoma. Evidently the shopping cart was invented and first used here...or so the highway signs tell us.

The signs don't tell you that the red dirt that surrounded us was caused by high iron oxide, ironically, Oklahoma means "red people" in Cherokee.

We left Oklahoma behind for Texas before Noon.

We are following beside, and in some cases on, the infamous Route 66. The highway doesn't even exists on maps anymore. When the highway went away, many places just couldn't make it.

Take the citizens of Jericho. They believed their fair town was destined for greatness. In the 1930s, Route 66 was moved one-half mile north, by-passing the town and spelling doom for its future.

Today, Jericho is a ghost town, made up of scattered ruins, cement foundations and piles of junk.

In nearby Groom, TX is a leaning water tower. It originally was a functioning water tower until Ralph Britten bought it and moved it to serve as a sign for his truck stop.
This truck stop can still be seen, set back off the road behind the tower. It is now boarded up and in disrepair.
The town has adopted the tower and still turns on a large colored star mounted on the top around Christmas time.
Lunch in Amarillo was Texas sized BBQ and Frito Pie at Crazy Larry's.

Larry himself took our order. He can best be described as a cross between Bobcat Goldwaithe and a Kiss groupie.

It didn't matter though, the rub on the ribs was incredible, the Frito Pie delicious. That cup on the side of the ribs was the BBQ sauce.

We crossed into New Mexico expecting more....we got less. Fewer farms, fewer people, no corn. But more spectacular scenery.

We are ending the night in Gallup, New Mexico. Tomorrow we'll continue our trek West.

Location:Jefferson Ave,Gallup,United States

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