Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day Two

Greetings from Idaho Falls, Idaho.

We've been on the road a couple hours now. We didn't make it this far to just drive past the world's first nuclear power plant. Unfortunately it closed for the season on Labor Day. Regardless of it's distinction, it's notoriety as a tourist destination clearly evaded all of our travel literature. Stopping for lunch at one of the picnic tables nearby seems like a less than great idea considering the experimental machinery next to them.

We got an early start today, on the road around 7:30 and headed North. It is cold and wet. We made a quick stop in Richfield, Idaho for stamps. The nicest building in town is the Mormon Church. Other than post office the other two buildings appear to be bars. Take from that what you'd like.

From there we headed to Craters of the Moon. It's a volcanic flow on the edge of the Oregon trail.

The flows weren't created by a volcano but long fissures in the Earth known as the Great Rift. Beginning about 15,000 years ago lava made it's way to the surface. The most recent eruption was just 2,000 years ago. The lava flows seen hear are part of the volcanic activity that also created Yellowstone.

As you can see, it is foggy and wet today. The car registers 43 degrees. It feels like it. Because there are thunderstorms expected (and the temperature seems to be dipping the more North we go) we are skipping Glacier National Park. Instead we will be heading East, through Yellowstone National Park to Little Big Horn.

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