Friday, September 24, 2010

Travels Through the Desert

We opened the curtains today to a view we hoped wasn't indicative what we would see today.

Fortunately it wasn't.
We left Gallup, New Mexico heading North then West.

In the process we added 3 more stated to our list by visiting Four Corners. The only place in the U.S. where you can be in four states at once (Utah, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado).
The nearby Navajo marketplace gave us a place to by trinkets, mostly rocks, oh and Christmas ornaments. Who knew the Indians believed in Santa Claus? We should tell them about a special place we visited in Indiana.

Passing the Four Corners we came across the only major accident on our trip. This big rig crashed just before we came over it.

No one was hurt. We were able to pass it taking the shoulder. Good thing, because that would have kept us from dinosaur tracks.

We even had our own Pocahontas to show us around. Despite our initial skepticism, we were pleasantly surprised by the roadside attraction.

Fossils and footprints are everywhere here. It apparently was a marsh some 180 million years ago now it is part of a Navajo Reservation. Wandering around this ancient swamp prepped us up for a bigger sight...the Grand Canyon.

YouTube Video

A long day of driving behind us, we packed it in for the night. This is our last outside of California. Tomorrow, we will sleep in our own beds. Day 18 will end in San Francisco. It's a good thing, because hotel rooms are beginning to feel like home, we can reach for towels with our eyes closed and know where they are.

Location:Sycamore Ave,Kingman,United States

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