Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day 18: The Long Road Home

We woke up, spending our last night in a hotel. Kingman, Arizona was our last home-away-from-home. Kingman was one of the many towns across America that prided itself in having a historic downtown. Historic we've learned means a bunch of old buildings, not that anything particularly "historic" happened here.

Being on route 66, doesn't automatically mean that your town is historic, nor does an obscure Civil War meeting that no one ever heard of.

Coming home was about getting
Home. But it gave us some time to reflect back on these last 18 days. It may have been just days ago that we were at Arlington, Jamestown, the Badlands, or Monticello, but it feels like it has been forever. The trip to Dewey Beach was fun, as was our stay over in Pittsburgh and lunch in New York. It's all been fun.

The trip has some real moments. No fighting or arguing, both of us just going with the flow.

There has been an ongoing joke about Cracker Barrell restaurant. Though they may have implemented a anti-discrimination policies in 2004, but you can and add the words "with racism and homophobia" to any of their signs, and it makes sense.

No doubt the Cracker Barrell serves products containing the millions of acres of corn that we passed. We wouldn't know, we never stopped at one. On this trip there was only one corn cob eaten, it was deep-fried and disappointing.

But the ribs that went with it was one of the best meals of many we had, and Ron's favorite. That was in St. Louis, MO.

Ken couldn't stop talking about the fried chicken at Indi's in Lexington, KY.

Both of us are still wondering how they make that Pastrami at Katz's in New York, it was incredible.

We traveled from restaurant to restaurant through interesting neighborhoods and on some wild roads. Some of them may not have actually been roads, and others were under construction.

Which, incidently reminds us that American Recovery and Reinvestment Act has reared it's ugly head in every state, slowing highway traffic down to a snail pace. If the Act was supposed to get people back work, why is it that it slowed people from getting where they need to go?

We've been moved...

...we've been amazed (and not always well)...

...and surprised by what we saw along the way.

On this trip we've:
-cleaned the windshield an estimated 30 times.
-have smelt a skunk at least once each day.
-been to Walmart 5 times, including one twice.
-traveled through 28 states.
-paid the least for gas in New Jersey ($2.39/gallon), and it's full service !

-passed through Virginville, PA on our way to Intercourse, PA.
-stopped at 5 Dairy Queens and a Baskin Robins for softserve.
-went through 4 cans of Pringles.
-spent 16 nights in hotels.
-seen the worst rest areas in New Mexico, the best in Texas.
-traveled 8,810 miles.
-made it home at 5:27 PM

All the numbers totaled can't add up how much fun this trip was. We got to see America from coast to coast, trailer to downtown everywhere. Two friends, one car, a box of china and 18 days in September.

Location:York St,San Francisco,United States

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  1. welcome home, friends. what an amazing trip ... thanks for including us for part of it!