Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dry and Warm

At last we left you, we were in Idaho Falls. We stopped for a great lunch, cajun quesadilla and fish tacos at a placed called Snakebite.

But clearly weren't going to see sunshine anytime soon. It was sunset before we finally saw the rain stop.

We slipped into Montana, leaving Idaho behind us. Yellowstone took us across the Wyoming border.

Of course, what would a trip through a active caldera be without stopping to admire the bubbling pools of mud or steaming streams of hot water. A must see if you are doing a drive-by of Yellowstone, Old Faithful...a steaming geyser of hot water spewing hundreds of feet into the air while people stand feet away and watch.

Then there was the wildlife including a herd of buffalo.

YouTube Video

You can probably hear the rain and wind on that video. The temperatures dipped as low as 36 degrees according to the car thermometer. It clearly got colder than that. Snow capped mountains in the distance turned into snow flurries at about 9900 feet on our way out of the park's Eastern exit/entrance.

So other than a couple elk, and the occasional roadside buffalo in the park, we got our biggest surprise outside the park's boundaries.

This grizzly cub was put with it's sibling and mother in the river off the road. Momma clearly wasn't pleased with the growing crowd on the roadside. She hustled them off into the bushes and out of sight. But not before Ron got a couple of great shots with his extended lens...we'll share those later.

Night fall brought us to Cody, Wyoming. It is named after William Frederick Cody, better known as Buffalo Bill, who founded the town. The site of the original town is now a museum of old West buildings brought here to replicate the place. It contends to be the largest collection of it's kind. We stayed in the third building on the left...actually, we stayed across the street. Past a field. On the other side of the highway at a hotel names for Cody. The three year-old hotel is incredible a must stay if you ever come this way.

Location:Yellowstone Ave,Cody,United States

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