Sunday, September 19, 2010

Driving Through Time

We slept in until almost 9 this morning. The latest we've slept in to date. It gave us a chance to get some much needed rest on this "go-go-go" vacation. We pulled out of our hotel and back in time. We are in Southern Pennsylvania, Amish country, and home to covered bridges.

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Working our way down the East Coast we stopped at a rest-stop in Maryland that was anything but restful.

So many people coming and going, lines in the bathrooms, and even bigger lines for food. People walked the maze of rooms in a daze, oblivious to the fact that anyone was trying to pass... This was the rest-stop from hell.

From hell we went to Batlimore and Ft. McHenry. The fort is the site of a two day battle during the War of 1812.

It was the battle that inspired Francis Scott Key to write the "Star Spangled Banner". We thought this song was more appropriate for our visit to Baltimore.

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We pulled out of Maryland and drove through Washington, DC on our way to Mount Vernon, an estate owned by George Washington.

It was by far the most crowded place we visited. The little brats in front of us in line left Ken wishing they'd break something so there parents could feel they pain they were inflicting on us.

The home is old, and feels it. Painstakingly restored to the period, the home even has the original colors, including a fluorescent green. It gives us new reason to wonder (considering Mary Todd Lincoln's taste), did any first lady have taste?

You'll have to take our word for it, no photos are allowed. Down a trail is the family crypt. That's Washington's sarcophagus in the middle, Martha is to the left.

On our way to Arlington National Cemetery, we stopped to look at General Robert E. Lee's boyhood home.

Lee's adult home ultimately became The site of the cemetery.

Before Congress could even authorize the creation of the site as a cemetery, soldiers were being buried here.

Below the mansion Jackie Kennedy is buried next to her first husband, John, apparently he was a president or something.

Kennedy brothers Edward (Ted) and Robert are buried nearby. The Tomb of the Unknown across the cemetery.
We hiked to the location catching a glimpse of this buck along the way.

A woman nearby asked if anyone had a bow? God bless America, clearly thus is one of those moms Palin is always talking about. At the tomb of the unknown we watched the changing of the guard.

Dinner was at one Ron's local favorites, the Hard Times Cafe. Chili is the menu here. Ron had his over Spaghetti, Ken made his a Frito Pie.

Clark and Amelia, fresh back from Dewey Beach, met us for dinner before we were back on our way. Tonight we will sleep in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Location:Bypass Rd,Williamsburg,United States

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