Saturday, September 18, 2010

New York for Lunch

Goodbye Dewey Beach we hardly knew you, or remember you after a night of drinking. Clearly our host Clark and Amelia were sad to see us go. Their hospitality was greatly appreciated.

It's a crisp, clear, near Autumn morning on the Eastern seaboard.

Picture perfect for a ferry ride into New Jersey and on to New York. We caught the Lewes-Cape - May Ferry, leaving Delaware behind...

...and saying hello to New Jersey as we continued North along the now "infamous" Jersey Shore.

We drove through Atlantic City.

We saw no reason to stop or to give Donald Trump any of our money.

A stop at a rest-stop reminded us of where we were. Many people looked like they were casting rejects from "Jersey Shore" and "Bridezillas." Guidos and Guidettes galore. The sound of fingernails on a chalkboard best sums up a Jersey accent.

Our route to New York City took us forever! Traffic was a nightmare, first because of an accident then endless construction. We pulled in to the city over the Brooklyn Bridge into the lower East Side.

Here we met for a late lunch with Ken's friends Mike and Cindy. Keeping with our tradition of eating local, we went to a deli. Not just any deli, the mother of all deli's, Katz.

They've been around since 1888 are known for their monster pastrami and corned beef sandwiches.

This is also where "Harry met Sally" for the infamous orgasm scene. We sat next to that table, no fake orgasms were had...unless you count the pure joy that came from great friends and good food!

After lunch we said goodbye and drove downtown to check out the progress at ground zero.

One World Trade Center is rising quickly, The rest of the site remains largely hidden behind a chain-link fence. It is draped in images of what things will eventually look like. The impatient have torn holes in it, providing a peak at what is rising.

We left New York, and continued through New Jersey, back into Pennsylvania, stopping near Lancaster. This is Amish country and that's what's on the agenda for tomorrow as we work our way through covered bridges towards Washington, DC.

Location:N Reading Rd,East Cocalico,United States

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