Thursday, September 23, 2010

Edging West

It was a scorcher in Memphis, but not hot enough to skip a tour of Graceland.

The former home and resting place of Elvis. Clearly it was an overwhelming prospect for Ron, shortly after pulling in to the parking lot ken had to tell him he was driving on the sidewalk. The rock and rolk icon had 140 songs on billboards top ten list, 90 albums in top 100, and starred in 31 movies.

With all of that talent decorating was not among his skills. With all that money he clearly couldn't buy taste. To call the house decor "period" would be a stretch. It looked like a cross between the Lawrence Welk Show and the Madonna Inn (for those of you who don't know what that is, here's a link, The pictures speak for themselves.

The racketball court and adjacent outbuilding have been turned into shrines to his career and life.

Leaving Memphis behind we continued our trek home.

Crossing the Arkansas border we made out way to Little Rock.

We checked put the Clinton Presidential Library before grabbing a bite to eat. A clerk at the Museum shop suggest a place a couple doors down. We were not disappointed.

The Flying Fish should be called the "Frying Fish."

The menu was so overwhelming Ron narrowed himself down to making a choice from one small section of the menu. When Ken looked as though he was going to have an anxiety attack, Ron urged him to do the same.

Fried oysters, shrimp, catfish, fries and the best hush puppies ever were the final choices. They were complimented by what we can only imagine is the world's only Billy Bass Adoption Center.

The walls are covered with the infomercial phenom.
Bring yours in, they'll give you real fish. We paid cash.
Little Rock is also known for it's role in the civil rights movement. It is here in 1957, that a nation watched as 9 African-American high school students were turned away from an all white Little Rock Central High School by the Arkansas National Guard.

Across the street is the gas station where the media watched the Little Rock Nine and the events that followed.

The high school is still used today. Fortunately for us, this one had signs to keep Ron off the sidewalks.

It is a long drive to Oklahoma City.

It took us through the Ozarks, then over the Oklahoma border,

past Troy Aikman and Carrie Underwood's hometowns. We only know that because they actually have signs on the highway informing of their roots.

We hit Oklahoma City after nightfall and we were lucky to do so. The Federal Building memorial site was light up specatularly. It is hard to believe that it has been 15 years since Timothy McVeigh killed 168 people in the Murrah Federal Building.

The memorial has chairs lit up for each person killed that day. They are in order of the floor they were on. On the periphery, those killed outside the building. It is a moving experience. We were both nearly moved to tears. You can't help but feel the incredible sadness and magnitude of what happened here.

We left Oklahoma City behind after a quick bite to eat.
Tonight we'll sleep in Western Oklahoma...not far from the Texas border.

Location:Cypress Dr,Weatherford,United States

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